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Heading to PalmSource (the company)

March 1st is my first day at PalmSource as one of their Developer Technical Services engineers. I'm really excited about this. I'm working as a telecommuter from Austin, reporting into their Sunnyvale, California office, so I need to get my home office all setup again. It's close to usable, but I really need to file away the old Macintosh Quadra 940 that's taking up space on my desk to make room for books and papers and clean space. My friends also say I should 86 the plastic Rubbermaid bookshelf and get something more professional looking.

I've worked from home before, and it worked out OK. I'll be traveling out to California about every six weeks, I guess, and I've got four other fellow PalmSource employees here in Austin to hang out with. I've also got a network of friends that seem to think having lunch is a good thing, and my job is such that I can retreat to one of Austin's fine coffeehouses without interrupting the flow too much. Give me a wireless network, and I'll be doing just fine.

One of the transition problems I need to solve is what to rename my Palm OS weblog. It's currently called "palmoswerks". This is a play on Palm OS and Metrowerks, and will be inappropriate once I leave. I'm leaning towards "Unwired Widgets", since I already own that domain, but I'm open to other names that convey the idea that's its a blog about programming mobile devices. Post any suggestions on the comments page.
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