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Google takes on Rotten Tomatoes
Just saw this posting on the Google Blog about their new movie search feature. You type "movie:" before you search phrase, and they search a database of movie information rather than their entire index. Results come back in a special format organized by film. For example, a search on Bryan's film "Dear Pillow" gives this pagem with links to the two reviews that ran in Film Threat. I did notice a few problems: I tried to search for "The Incredibles", but it would just show me a page to find nearby theaters. I was able to get to the "Incredibles" review page by searching for "Brad Bird", the film's director. After I'd given them my zip code, the search on the film was easier to understand, as it listed show times for the film, but when no show times are visible, it's pretty confusing.

The main thing Google has going for them here is ubiquity. They're everywhere, and they can take the most popular movie searches and stick them on results pages, like the do for Froogle or Google News right now. I just saw that looking for "Sideways" gives info on show times before the main search results. Their review aggregation won't be as good as Rotten Tomatoes and their movie information won't be as complete as IMDB, but it will be a lot quicker go there than to the more specialized sites.