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New Favorite Dish
Saturday afternoon, catching an early dinner before the Independent Spirit Awards, I stopped at Noodle-ism on 5th and finally found the dish that's going to keep me coming back often. I had a bowl of their Li-Hong noodle soup, a soup with large Chinese noodles, Asian mustard greens, mushrooms, and bamboo shoots, along with tofu and a very spicy vegan broth. That combined with some green apple-flavored bubble tea was the mouth-sensation of the week!

The Noodle-ism site has got copies of their menus, including edited versions for vegans and anti-vegans (those crazy Atkins people). On my other visits, I liked the Dan Dan Noodles and thought the Crispy Tofu was a nice snack, but nothing ever really hit my sweet spot like the Li-Hong.