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Reminder: Show With No Name at the Alamo on Saturday!
Last night, the Show With No Name team go together to go over final preparations for the two big shows on Saturday. I'm not going to spoil anything, but I'll say that the filmed bit we made last night may be one of the funniest things TSWNN has ever done, and that's coming from a show that broadcasted in 3D using two cameras, colored transparencies, and a mixing board.

The Alamo Downtown site is listing the early show at 7PM, but our fliers and advertising have said 7:30PM. I'm not sure when things are really starting. The downtown Alamo has a free screening of the Japanese film "The Bird People of China" at 4PM that I'm going to catch before the SWNN event, so if you're coming to the 7PM show, this might be a fun thing to do before the big event.

The format for the show is set; we've got a few technical issues left to solve -- if someone has a 27" or larger television that doesn't show "INPUT 1" or other annoying text when turned on, we would love to borrow it for our on-stage Cinco monitor. Send me email.

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I am a huge fan of Miike's work. Between Improv, Miike and TSWNN my Saturday Cup o' Entertainment overfloweth. Much thanks for the heads up!

All I've seen of his work is "Happiness of the Katakuris", which I found to be sublimely twisted. My friends described "Gozu" to me... ladle... shudder. The Austin Film Society is doing a whole month worth of screenings of his films -- they started yesterday. Details at http://www.austinfilm.org/screenings/takashimiike.php.

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