The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

Pretty Bad Networking

My trip to San Jose airport was pretty uneventful. I got my rental car and took the short trip up 880 to Milpitas where I had an uninspired dinner at Lee's Sandwiches. I'd seen this place on my last trip, and the idea of a Vietnamese sandwich shop with vegetarian items sounded good. Alas, the implementation was pretty bland -- I didn't see any spicy sauce anywhere and the Thai iced tea with pearls was lame.

This time I'm staying at the Homestead Suites. It's about $30/night less than where I'd stayed before, but you get smaller rooms, thin walls, no housekeeping, and really bad connectivity. You have to call the front desk to get the wireless username and password; the network keeps redirecting you to a login page, even after you've already logged in several times. I've been able to fetch mail and do some browsing, but the connection keeps getting reset. I just opened a new window to reset my login to I'd be assured that I can actually post this.

I made some progress on the SXSW application tonight at the airport and on the flight. The only implementation work that I've got left to do is to fix the URLs for the streaming audio. I still have some testing to do on older Palm OS versions; I've not really tried anything before Palm OS 5, and I got a bug report about the "add to datebook" feature today from one of my testers.

Today's fixes included getting the Ask Jeeves logo into the About form, fixing the behavior of the date selector popup list, hooking up the "global find" preference, and fixing the text of the splash screen from the temporary text we'd put in on Sunday.

Before I go to sleep tonight, I'm going to write a script so Charles can rebuild the application without needing my assistance. His code outputs a set of binary files that get pulled into the Palm OS program as resources. I can use the free program 'par' to replace the resources in a pre-built application with his new data, which means he can test his changes without having to round-trip everything to me here in California. That helps both of us.
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