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Upcoming Spoken Word Events!
Just saw notices about a bunch of events that excite me!

First, the Austin Poetry Slam is doing a set of fundraisers in the near future. This post in austincommunity tells the story. Briefly: Haiku Slam, Scrabble Rumble, and Asylum Street Spankers are all in play.

Second, there's the fifth Fray Cafe on Sunday, March 13th. This is a personal storytelling event, with featured performers and an open-mike. Think of it as a live, intense version of "This American Life". I'm psyched!

Third, on Monday, you've got 20x2, the event where you take twenty designers, writers, musicians and bon vivants, give each two minutes and the same question to answer, and turn them loose before a live audience. "Dear Pillow"'s Viviane Vives (barcelonaloca) is one of the presenters for it, and it looks really interesting.

(I had thought that 20x2 was on Sunday and overlapped with Frey; thanks to lizardprincess for setting me straight!)

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Yea! Spoken word thingys

Whichever you decide to attend, can I tag along? I am sans car on Sundays.

Re: Yea! Spoken word thingys

Certainly! I know I can drop you off after the events on Sunday, but we'll have to figure out the whole getting downtown thing once I know my schedule better.

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