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Yankee or Dixie?
Here is yet another quiz, this one called Yankee or Dixie?. It attempts to determine where you're from by the language choices you make. I ended up scoring 63% Dixie, which is pretty close, as I grew up in Georgia, but my Mom's from Minnesota.

Earlier tonight, I got to go to the 9:45 performance of Mr. Sinus Theater's Pretty in Pink. They did a good job, although the live skit in the middle was pretty lame, especially compared to their work with The Terminator and The Lost Boys. The intro to the film was very funny, and a lot of the jokes hit their mark. I left with the realization that Duckie was a stalker, Andie had very poor taste in high school guys, and Harry Dean Stanton should wear something under that bathrobe.

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Oooh, lucky. I didn't realize they were doing 'Pretty in Pink' already. Too bad it wasn't as funny as some of the others, though.

Oh, and I took the Yankee/Dixie quiz, too. I'm 58% Dixie. :)


Don't get me wrong, it was a funny show. They did razz the Sinus fans in the audience for coming on the opening weekend: "Don't you know we're not funny yet?"

One thing I didn't note was that there were a lot of people in the audience that dressed up for the show, wearing 80's-style prom clothes. That was fun, but some of them were really, really big fans of the film, especially the character Duckie, a fact that everyone in the audience knew by the end of the show.

According to their site, their next film is Flashdance. Yow!

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