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Mike Doughty at SXSW
I just posted a baker's dozen of photos from the Mike Doughty show over at my SXSW mobblog. Check it out at http://www.splashblog.com/unwiredben. It was a great set, featuring some of my favorite songs off of Rockitty-Roll and some new stuff, along with a cover of Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler" that I correctly called, earning me a high-five from another audience member.

Now at Emo's with a growing crowd anticipating the Sleater-Kinney show.

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The show was good, but I left about fifteen minutes early, as it was both very crowded and very cold, since it was on the Emo's main stage which is covered but outdoors, and my feet were freezing. They played about a 3:1 mix of songs from their to-be-released album, "The Woods", and favorites from older albums. The girls performed well, but there was sound leakage from another venue, especially at the back of the audience, so it was a little difficult to follow the stuff I wasn't familiar with.

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