The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

Showcase Night!

I got home about 2:30AM from a night of musical fun!

9:25 - Get to Exodus after dinner and see the last three songs from Apollo Sunshine. They rocked.

10pm - watch Canadian rockers By Divine Right tear up the stage with a great performance. I'm in the front row, leaning on the monitor speaker. Many thanks to the thoughtful orangepaisley for bringing spare ear plugs.

11pm - get to see Trashcan Sinatras from the same vantage point and really dig their hypnotic Scottish pop/rock music.

11:50ish - see the last song by the Beangrowers, a cool band from Malta that's just finishing up at Lava Lounge. I snag a CD from their manager.

12:15ish - Love Tractor, historic Athens, Georgia jangle-pop group, finally goes on after futzing with their equipment for a long time. They're pretty good, and I trade a palmOne business card for a promo copy of their about-to-be released CD, "Black Hole"

1am - My religious experience of the evening begins as Magnapop start their show. Lots of new songs, but also some great ones from their original three albums, ones I know by heart and can totally sing along to. I'm right up by the stage, right next to the speaker, and seeing them play these songs just feet away from me makes me giddy. After the show, I say hello to Linda, the lead singer, who's really friendly, telling her that I've followed them since hearing "Merry" on Album 88 while at Georgia Tech, then I pick up their 2005 CD "Mouthfeel" from a stash that Linda was keeping in her SXSW Music bag.
Tags: austin, music, sxsw 2005
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