The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

More SXSW Musical Mayhem!

Tonight was a two showcase night, but what a pair they were. The venue was the 18th floor lounge of the Crowne Plaza hotel, just off 5th Street next to IH-35. The showcase was sponsored by San Diego's KCRW and hosted by Mr. Morning Becomes Eclectic, Nic Harcourt. First up was the 10:00 spot with Chris and Thomas who played lots of instruments and sung really soulful pop songs. Very enjoyable. Then at 11:00, Amanda and Abby, a.k.a The Ditty Bops, went on stage. First impression: Amanda is unnaturally tall. Second impression: they're so adorable. Third impression: utter amazement at their instrumentation and vocals. I already loved their record, but the live experience is so much better. They've got a great sense of humor while performing. The gig got a warm welcome from a mostly non-Austin crowd, and after the the show, I got to personally ask Amanda to bring the group back to Austin to play as soon as possible. I picked up a couple of stickers from them too -- one will soon be on my car's bumper :)
Tags: austin, music, sxsw 2005
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