The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

Final SXSW 2005 Tallies

Going over my schedule for the last ten days, I've computed my final tallies, with highlights in bold:

14 films - My Big Fat Independent Film, Seoul Train, The Aristocrats, Cavite, Promedio Rojo, Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic, The Puffy Chair, The Fearless Freaks, SXTV, Highway Courtesans, Max and Grace, Kissing on the Mouth, Comedia Shorts, Culture Clash in AmeriCCa

13 bands - Sonya Kitchell, Mike Doughty, The Thermals, The Album Leaf, Sleater-Kinney, Apollo Sunshine, By Divine Right, Trashcan Sinatras, Beangrowers, Love Tractor, Magnapop, Chris and Thomas, Ditty Bops

6 Interactive Panels - Open Source Marketing, How to Grow Online Communities, Ana Marie Cox, Al Franken, How to Trick-Out Your Blog, Taking Your Act on the Road With Mobile Technology

3 trade shows - Film/Interactive, Music, Flatstock

15 ideas for improving the SXSW Palm OS schedule

5 business cards from people I had conversations with at the conference

Best Swag Award goes to that was giving out copies of both the Elmore Leonard novel "Be Cool" and the soundtrack to the movie. Runner up is the 40 free downloads card from

Venue with a View Award goes to the 18th Floor Lounge at the Crowne Plaza. It's a great place to see the lights of Austin at night with big glass windows.

College Music Never Dies Award goes to the Magnapop showcase. I've got to pull out "Hot Boxing" and listen to it ASAP!

You Need a Badge Award goes to the pigeon that strutted around the Convention Center theater before "Cavite".

Excellent Way to Take Advantage of a Business Opportunity Award goes to Thai Passion on 7th Street which stayed open until 3AM during the festival.
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