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Takashi Miike Matinees at the Alamo Downtown
Posted to remind myself of these really cool free film events.

Saturday, 4/2 @ 4:00pm: White Collar Worker Kintaro
Sunday, 4/3 @ 4:00pm: Shinjuku Outlaw
Saturday, 4/9 @ 4:00pm: Boy Hooligans from Kishiwada
Sunday, 4/10 @ 4:00pm: Young Thugs: Innocent Blood

Also, the Austin Film Society still has a couple of showings of their Miike films, also at Alamo Downtown -- "Gozu" is tonight, "Fudoh" on 3/29, "Ichi the Killer" on 4/5, and "Visitor Q" on 4/12.

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If you liked "Fight Club," but thought it needed more homoerotic bonding and violence, check out "Ichi the Killer." An excellent film; loved every minute of it.

"Visitor Q," on the other hand is perhaps the most disturbing film I've seen. Not for the squeamish.

Just saw Gozu last night. Zowie! What a crazy-ass movie. Kind of slow, full of bizarre dream-logic and semi-catatonic peripheral characters, but it's got an ending that has to be seen to be believed.

I heard about Gozu when it played at SXSW last year, but didn't get to see it. I did start singing "Ladle, ladle, ladle" to myself though :)

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