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I'm Free!

I just got home after my exit interview at Metrowerks. For the weekend, I'm technically "unemployed", and it feels great! Things went smoothly today -- I backed up all the important personal data from my work machine, cleaned all of that off the drive, had a final meeting with my manager, did the HR stuff, and now I've left the building.

The funny incident was with security on the way out. I had a box of things that I'd brought in over three years that they wouldn't let me remove, since I'd never done any paperwork to bring it into the building. Since I'd already been removed from the system, I had to call down an old manager of mine, get him to inventory it all, check it into Motorola's computers, and then check it out. It took about a half hour, all for a couple of Natural Keyboards, a really good trackball, some old copies of CodeWarrior, and an electric fan. Yow!

I already miss Metrowerks, but I'm really looking forward to the new position. I think I'm going to be pretty happy at PalmSource. I just posted details yesterday on about my move, so over the weekend I've got to do the static backup of the old site, move it to its new home, get my new weblog up and running, and get the DNS issues all ironed out. Fun, fun, fun.
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