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Oscar Parties and First Weeks

Thanks to everyone who made my Oscar party on Sunday. I think we had ten people there, a pretty good turnout and about all my living room can handle. I've still got a few bags of chips left over from the night. I hope you all had a good time; the ceremony wasn't that great and there were no real surprises, but I did like how we handled the voting using pause on the TiVo. I've still not found the "prize" CD for Jake (who voted correctly for 21 of the categories) but I've not looked very hard either.

I'm flying off to California next week to meet my new coworkers at PalmSource. It will be my fourth trip out to San Jose so far this year. The good news is that I'll be back on Friday, the 12th in time to make all the SXSW opening festivities. It is unfortunate that Bryan and Jake's film will be up against the premier of "Bush's Brain", but I expect them to do really well in their Alamo showing.

The new job is going pretty well. I've got my new Palm OS development weblog setup at, and I've done a few articles for it. I'm getting used to the systems that control the PalmSource developer knowledge base, and already fixed one of the articles. I'm working on some sample code to put into a new article, and I've stayed busy on the online forums. Working from my home is OK, but I'm really looking forward to getting my work laptop setup next week, since I don't like being stuck up here in the home office all the time.
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