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Good Prognosis for "Grey's Anatomy"
I just finished the second episode of the new medical drama "Grey's Anatomy", airing on ABC at 9PM central. I set up the Tivo to grab this because Sandra Oh is one of the supporting players, and I've had a big crush on her ever since seeing "Double Happiness" almost ten years ago. She's great in the show as a self-reliant surgical intern, but I really don't think there's a clunker in the cast. I like the editing and pacing of the show, alternating between lighter situations between the interns and the attending surgeons and more urgent medical crises; there's a sharp focus on the learning process here, and the young doctors aren't omnipotent; things go wrong a lot. They're also using a lot of new music that I like; the second episode had a sequence that used the Ditty Bops version of "Sister Kate", and a promo for the show used "Such Great Heights" by the Postal Service.

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Seems like the DBs are stalking you these days. I was going to say "hmm, need to groove to their tunes myself someday", then saw your earlier post about their SXSW concert. But unfortunately it seems to be down now (or the Mac thang no workee on on that link).

The eTree site's working for me right now, but you'll need a Bittorrent client, like Azureus, http://azureus.sourceforge.net, to download the music files, and then you'll also need the FLAC codec, http://damien.drix.free.fr/qtflac/.

I'm really glad to see Sandra Oh appearing more lately. I loved Double Happiness, and I wish it would appear on DVD....

I've heard Grey's portrayal of nurses is pretty appalling(as in, they're nowhere to be found, or standing back doing nothing but watching the drs do everything), but I haven't seen it yet. I was just disappointed, because my husband thought it was about nursing students rather than surgical residents. The preview looked really good, though.

It's true. Nurses are background characters in the show, and rarely do anything other than shout numbers at the doctors; however, one of the interns in the first episode had a really bad arrogance problem with a nurse, and he was later shown up in the episode. Still, it's not a nursing-oriented show, it's all about the interns and their relationships with the surgical staff.

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