The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

More of My Music in TV Shows

Just started watching tonight's "Grey's Anatomy", and I immediately was hit by the background music of "There's a Girl" by the Ditty Bops. I just found a pointer to this page that lists all of the Grey's Anatomy music credits. Later in the episode, they appeared again with their song "Wishful Thinking". Finally, the last song of the episode was Lisa Loeb's "Fools Like Me". Excellent! Add to this Matt Bianco's 1984 hit "Whose Side Are You On?" during the sixth episode of "Nathan Barley" and it's been a good weekend for music on the tele.

BTW, "Nathan Barley" is a really great new comedy from the UK that ran on Channel 4. I've been getting the episodes off the net after seeing the first one at a friend's house, but I didn't get a chance to do anything but watch episode #1 until Friday night. The show has three main characters: Dan Ashcroft is a writer for SugarApe magazine, a guy who's a little older and more cynical than the alternative culture he covers. He's got a piece called "The Rise of the Idiots" that's getting him acclaim. He's got a sister, Claire, who's an earnest documentary filmmaker who's looking for funding and equipment to make a film about London's down and out. They meet up with Nathan Barley, web designer and "roving media node", one of Dan's idiots who shoots prank video and exudes coolness. It's the best new show I've seen from the UK since Simon Pegg's "Spaced" (which predated "The Office", but I saw after that show's run).
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