The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee


I'm alive, and I'm about to go to sleep after a week of travel in California. My flight landed just before midnight Central time, and I've been going through mail (physical and virtual) and getting settled in since then.

This trip was good. I had nice progress at work, including a lot of preparation work for my talk at the 2005 PalmSource DevCon next month. I got to see some old friends that moved out to Santa Clara last year, and we had good Italian food and swapped a bunch of stories. I got to visit Sunnyvale's Middle Eastern eatery Dishdash again, and that makes my mouth happy. I discussed the PalmHack VII contest with my fellow judges, and we brainstormed about what kinds of hacks we'd like to see people produce for the contest.

Friday will be a blogging day once I wake up. I've got updates to Veg Out! that need to be done, and I've got a handful of updates on Combee on Palm OS that will be made. I might even write up some silly stuff here. Of course, Friday is also a day for poetry and a day for spanking (instrumentally speaking).
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