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Boy, What a Hyper Link!
Burningbird writes about gender differences in linking behavior on weblogs. I like her analysis, especially the part where she described a power-based analysis of why some bloggers find Google's Autolink feature threatening. I personally think Autolink is fine, and I favor tools that give used of web pages more control over how those pages appear and work. Of course, I tend to link to things more from an academic citation viewpoint, plus I feel that if I mention something, especially something I'm excited about, it's polite to provide a way for my readers to get more information. However, it would be nice for our weblog writing tools to have better ways to turn common content into links -- for example, I'd love to be able to highlight a movie title, hit a button to find it on IMDB, and then have the title corrected and linkified to the entry I choose.

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I loved the essay! Re: linking. I love links, the more the better, but I don't do them in my writing as much as I might. E2 is heavenly, though, for those of us who love exploring related concepts, etc., and it's very easy to create links within that system. But that ability, of course, is limited to that site.

While making links is a little bit of a pain (not much), having links to check is easier and easier, even when they're not provided. For example, gurunet (which I got through questia) turns every single word I read on my computer into a potential link to their reference system, answers.com.

I think I like links because I'm one of those people who needs to have something right in front of me to remember to do it, or use it. I use clear bins for folded clothes because otherwise I'll forget I have them. My closet is usually open for the same reason. Same with food, books, etc.... So if the means is Right There for me to link and investigate something, I will generally do it then. Otherwise I'm likely to forget. Sometimes I'll email myself a reminder when I don't have time. There's too much to do and think and pursue in today's information age to keep track of it all. This is the rationale behind my browser home page.

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