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Penny Arcade Covers "Serenity" Spoilers
Today's Penny Arcade isn't a real spoiler about the upcoming Joss Whedon space-epic, but it's mighty funny none the less. I know a few people who would react a lot like Tycho if someone told them anything about this film, including mighty spoilers like "it was written by Joss Whedon" and "it takes place in the Firefly universe".

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Perfect! Particularly when I'm pea-green with envy over everyone getting to see the show in Austin....

hehehe. that's chris and me.

I didn't know about the preview until *way* too late....now tickets are going for upwards of $200 each on eBay....crazy, I tell you! Well, I'll just have to catch it when it hits theatres for real. *grin*

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