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Hitchhiker's Guide
I was going to write my own review of this movie, seen yesterday in a matinee at Alamo South Lamar, but I found the the Bob the Angry Flower review pretty much sums up what I would have said anyway. I liked it a lot.

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Cool! las liked it too. I was scared by the planetmagrathea review, but now it sounds wonderful. I also like the idea of Zaphod's parodying of Bush's speech patterns....

really? "the only question that matters is 'is she the one'?"


OK, that ending was cheesy, but I did like the reframing of Arthur and Trillian meeting and how he was afraid of going off with her. I also thought it was very visually inventive, especially the Magrathea scene and the reactions to the infinite improbablity drive.

I despised it. A friend of mine here wrote about it more eloquently and truthfully than I think I could have.

I fell in love with H2G2 when I was ten years old, and I still was a big fan throughout college. It still amuses me, but I don't find Adams quite as witty as I did back then. I think that may contribute to liking the film -- I'm not so in love with the source material that I can't appreciate a similar work.

On the other hand, I don't often have a violently bad reaction to movies. I tolerated both Star Wars prequels and I found things to like in both, while not realy caring for the films as a whole. The last film that I left hating was "Promedio Rojo" at SXSW, and before that, you'd have to go to "Hannibal" to find something that I found unwatchable.

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