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At the Alamo for the midnight screening of the 12:00 High shorts series. It's a zoo... About an eighth of the theater is occupied by John Stamos (Full House) and his posse. It's a badge only event for sure.

Update: most of the shorts in "12:00 High" were great, especially the "Frank International Film Festival" bit that's on the Melvin Goes to Dinner DVD and, surprisingly, the big-budget "I Am Stamos!". The too-long "The Day Robert DeNero Met James Caan" got its next-to-last screening ever; it's got only one joke, it comes really early, and the rest of the film doesn't really ever become funny again.

On the way out, I ran into Charlie Sotelo who told me that he was hanging out with John Stamos and his wife, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, earlier, and that Rebecca was a big fan of "The Show With No Name", having seen tapes through a mutual filmmaker friend. Cool! Mystique (of the X-Men) likes our show!
Tags: movies, sxsw 2004
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