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Feeling a Little Sith?
OK, while I didn't have a violently negative reaction to the first two Star Wars prequels, and in fact, I saw both multiple times, I didn't think they were great films. They were interesting movies and had some thrilling scenes, but they seemed to betray the Star Wars story that I'd enjoyed as a kid.

I've just read several reviews of "Episode III: Revenge of the Sith". I've got hope again; this sounds very dark and I think it's going to have an amazing payoff, setting up the original trilogy. Kevin Smith was off-the-chart, Harry Knowles said it was amazing, and some random guy said it was the best of the six films. That's enough reinforcement to get me to the theater, probably on opening weekend.

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It looked really good in the trailers, like it actually had some sort of feasible plot line running through it, instead of play-to-the-"masses" romantic shit.

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