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Rilo Kiley, Not Bad

My enthusiasm for the show had waned a little bit by Friday night, but I went ahead and trekked down to Stubb's BBQ to catch the festivities. It was an outdoor show; apparently, the group is more popular than I expected. It wasn't a TMBG-level crowd and it certainly wasn't a Flaming Lips crowd, but there were plenty of people there when I arrived about 9PM. I missed the first act, but got to see Midlake's show. I liked them a lot -- they reminded me of Talking Heads mixed with Coldplay with a lot of video projection going on as well. I'd go see them again. Then, after resetting the stage, Jenny and the Rilo Kiley gang came out. I liked the show, but I didn't really get much out of it as a live music experience. They sounded just like their CD, there wasn't much stage banter, and nothing made me want to stand up, watch everything closely, and groove out. I ended up heading to the back of the crowd, sitting on one of the stone walls, and reading an ebook on my Treo while listening to the rest of the show.

It was really nice outside; a cool breeze was blowing across the back of the lot, the sky was dark and clear, and the crowd was ripe for people watching. I appreciated a vintage-style green-and-yellow t-shirt that read "Reading is sexy!" I spotted on one of the cute-girls-with-cute-glasses that was in my general area. However, I am very much looking forward to tonight's Spankers show; I expect I'll be much higher energy.
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