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Can't Sleep Just Yet
I've been trying to go to sleep for the last two hours, but the haze of unconsciousness hasn't arrived, so I've decided to do some postings instead.

First, I scream in horror at one of GM's new vehicles: the HHR (the horror?). Apparently, they think doing their own version of 1999 "it-car" PT Cruiser is going to get them lots of sales. To quote the blog of GM's Vice Chairman, "This is going to be a great vehicle for us, selling at a great price for you. That's the kind of value story you're going to see from us as we continue to revamp our marketing and pricing strategy." Wow. Words like that never fail to stir me. Rather than inventing five-year-old ideas, give us a sexy and smart hybrid vehicle and stop making obscenely large SUVs!

Second, I did have a nice experience on Monday flying over West Texas. About ten minutes out from El Paso, I spotted the windmills that help power Austin Energy's Green Choice program. They were along a mesa, on both the front and back and seemed to be getting some good wind, as I could see the blades turning from 30,000 feet. If you haven't switched over to Green Choice, you can find out more about the program through the link and sign up yourself.

Third, if you're in Milpitas, California and aren't feeling well, I can highly recommend getting a small bowl of the vegetarian hot and sour Tom Yam soup from Banana Leaf along with a side of steamed rice. It was quite yum last night, while not being too tough on my system, and the rice helped to give it substance. I also found the combination of fruit salad and split green pea soup from the San Jose airport location of California Pizza Kitchen to serve as a nice, simple lunch before my flight home today.
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I'm going to have nightmares about that vehicle. Monstrocity.

Yet again, I hear something yummy about food in California. I'm going to have to visit for a month, just to eat. *grin*

A firepot of the vegetarian Tom Yum soup from Satay is a pretty close recreation of what I had at Banana Leaf. That's something I always try to get when dining there with friends.

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