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PalmSource 2005: Day 2
I'm back in my room after a late lunch across the street at Zyng. I ate there yesterday too, and I don't really like the place that much. For mixed Asian, both Firebowl Cafe and Food Shui back in Austin do a much better job, IMO. Still, it's next to the hotel and relatively healthy. I missed lunch today because I was going booth duty for palmOne, telling the people that stopped by about the LifeDrive and what the difference was between the unlocked GSM Treo 650 and the Treo 650s for Sprint and Verizon. I can do this for short periods of time, but I'm very glad I don't work in retail. Tonight, I've got a "Stump the Experts" panel where I get to sit on stage with a bunch of other Palm OS engineers, then I'll be at the developer lab until midnight.

The big news from the show today was the announcement that palmOne had bought the "Palm" trademark and would be changing its name to Palm later in the year. The whole thing is a bit confusing; the press release from palmOne spells out the public details. I think its a good move, especially considering that the market for Palm OS devices has changed a lot in the last year with Sony retreating from the market. I think the value of palmOne being able to use the "Palm" trademark again is much higher than the value that PalmSource had in being able to let other companies use "Palm Powered" to describe their own line of devices.
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Once you're back, try Pei Wei. We've switched there from FireBowl.

I like Pei Wei too, but they don't have as many vegetarian options as Firebowl, since they don't mix-and-match ingredients and sauces. Still, it's quite a tasty place.

I haven't seen a LifeDrive, personally - But I suspect I'm really not the target market - A MP3 player is kind of nice, sometimes, but the portable video dosen't do much for me - And I never even considered a hard disk, even when I had a PDA (HE330) that could use one. I guess if I was going to buy a current Palm, it'd be a 600 or a 650.

From a design standpoint, though, it's a real achievement - It appears you guys have done everything WinCE promised and never managed to deliver on. Now if you can just get the damned Microsoft-buys-six-pages-of-our-advertising-every-issue press to notice it.

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