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PalmSource DevCon Wrapup
I've been posting more information about my trip to the PalmSource 2005 Mobile Summit and DevCon over on my Combee on Palm OS weblog. I've got three posts online right now:

PalmSource 2005: The Swag Bag
PalmSource 2005: Day 1 Recap
PalmSource 2005: Day 2 and 3 Recap

and I'll probably put a few more entries online before the end of the weekend. You also can see lots of pictures from the DevCon, including some shot by me, at http://www.splashblog.com/devcon2005/. One of the SplashBlog developers got a shot of me on stage doing my presentation here.
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::cough::Linux demo::cough::

Good point... I didn't make the Linux session on Friday, but I plan on talking a bit about it in another post after I get a chance to read the slides and chat with Kenneth a bit more. The demo on Wednesday morning was quite impressive.

Cool. Yes, we were very happy with the demo (and the presentation). We're getting an awful lot of interest in the work we're doing... An exhausting week, but I had a great time.

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