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Ben Goes to a Women's Football Game

Last night, I went to my first football game here in Texas. It was the Austin Outlaws versus the Oklahoma City Lighting, two teams in the National Women's Football Association, played down on the AISD field that's at Lamar and 15th. I've never been a football fan; I only went to a couple of Georgia Tech games when I was a student. I understand the structure of the game and lots of the rules, but I've never really been into competitive sports. However, I was going to meet a new friend for dinner, and she had plans to go with her friends afterward, so I was invited to tag along.

There wasn't much of a crowd, but at least Austin had supporters numbering around 100, while OKC had six. It didn't seem to matter much for the game itself; by halftime, Oklahoma led 14-0, and it didn't look like there was much of a chance for Austin to come back. The size difference between the players was impressive; the joke with our group was that the Oklahoma girls were all beef-fed, while Austin's hippy-liberal team leaned towards vegetarianism. This led me to compose an on-the-spot cheer:

We like tofu!
We like rice!
Why can't we all
Just play nice!

My group appreciated it, although one warned me that I probably ought not to say it too loud near the Austin players. Even though Oklahoma had won their last game with a 69-to-7 score, I was assured that the Austin women could still beat me up quite easily.

Besides my impromptu verse, there was an actual cheerleading squad there, the Austin Outlaws Cheetah Girls. They were a group of about fifteen preteen girls in very shiny silver and gold costumes. They made a good effort in doing cheers, but some of them seemed a bit inappropriate for the game, and they were a bit distracting from the game being played on the field. We left at half-time when they were doing their show out on the field. My date said that she thought it would have been appropriate if the cheer squad was all little boys, but I guess we've not yet crossed that gender hurdle.

I did have to make a couple more jokes about the whole event. Early in the game: my only problem with women's football is that the players can't dunk (a WNBA reference) Later when a penalty was called: I I don't know why the flag went down, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't for having too many men on the field.

The parts of the game I watched were pretty standard football. Lots of missed passes and lots of tackles. One of the Austin players broke her collarbone on the second play, but otherwise no one was hurt badly. From checking the NWFA website, it looks like Oklahoma won, 34 to 3. I'd glad Austin got on the board, but I don't think I'll be catching them again. I love the idea of the sport in theory, but I just can't get excited about it in practice.
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