The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

Coming to Georgia!

Well, after a long absence, I'll be back in Georgia for about a week around the 4th of July. I booked my ticket last night. I fly out early on June 29th on Northwest, connecting through Memphis, arriving in Chattanooga just before lunchtime. I'll probably stick around Dalton that weekend, and head down to Atlanta on night to hang out with friends down there. I hear vernard and zorathenne are doing a big 4th of July party, so I'll try to help out with that. Then, I'll be back up in Dalton to "work from my-other-home" before heading back to Austin on Thursday evening, July 7th.

I'm excited. My sister just got her acceptance into grad school for the Georgia Tech masters program in architecture, so I'm sure I'll take her out for something fun. I've not seen jessie_leigh's new baby Jake yet, but from what she tells me, he's doing very well as a newborn. I'll also get to do some reading, hang out in my parent's pool, visit the all-vegetarian grocery store up in Collegedale, and run into lots of random people. If you're going to be around during that time and want to try to meet up, let me know.

It looks like July's going to be full of travel. I just got back from the third trip to California for work over five weeks. I don't have to go anywhere until this trip to Georgia, but then I'll be back in California the week after this trip, getting to visit the new palmOne office. Then, over the rest of July and August, I'll probably have two more work trips and two trips for conventions (which I hope I'll be able to combine with visits to work to lessen the cost). I'm well on the way to making Platinum on America this year; I'll qualify for a Gold renewal with my next trip, but it will probably take a visit to Europe to push me into the next category.
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