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Sunday with the Peeps

I went to bed on Saturday night not knowing what I'd be doing on Sunday. Thanks to ocyn and satyric, I ended up having quite a fun afternoon.

First was a visit to Taj Palace. Good company, not that great food for me, the spice-loving vegetarian. I did get to tell my "Spock is my vegetarian prototype" story again, and I finally had an occasion to use one of the puns that I had stored away for years:

ocyn: You've really got to try their naan, it's amazing?
me: Would you describe it as heavenly?
ocyn: That would be fit.
me: Then, I guess it's naan of the above!

Then, we saw a screening of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", a film I had not originaly planned on seeing. I'm glad I went; it's Hollywood popcorn fluff, but their's a lot of dark humor about relationships and marriage combined with well choreographed over-the-top gunplay. Jolie and Pitt had good chemistry, and only occasionally was I thrown out of the film. Not much for the thinking, although having a minor character get interrogated by Brad while wearing a "Fight Club" t-shirt was a nice touch. Tim from the gaming group joined us for this.

That was followed by board gaming, specifically Alhambra, a German game where you compete to build your own city, trying to gain points by controlling the most tiles of each type. This was my second time playing the game, and so far, I've really enjoyed it. Dane, another gamer, showed up right as we were finishing the game, and he came along to dinner at ZuZu.
Tags: food, gaming, humor, movies
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