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DemocracyFest 2005: Day 1
I just got back from the first night of DemocracyFest; I've got to leave again at 8AM to catch the morning activities, so I'm not staying up much tonight. I arrived out at Huston-Tillotson University about 4:45, having stopped at Kinko's to make flyers about our Texas Progressive Political Blog Directory to hand out to the bloggers. tangoglenn and lizardprincess quickly found me at registration, and I accompanied them to the 5PM Blogger Caucus. It was fairly interesting, with Representative Mark Strama talking about web technology and how it helps organize campaign and PinkDome's Charlie doing a humorous talk about finding your blogging voice and focusing on a topic. There was also a surprise visit by Richard Morrison, Tom Delay's opposition in last year's election.

After leaving the caucus, lizardprincess and I went to Noodle-ism for a quick dinner, then we were off to Threadgill's for the evening mixer. It was a hot Texas night, but the Asylum Street Spankers did a good job entertaining the crowd, although they didn't get to play some of their more ribald numbers. The opening act, Steve Moore, wasn't as successful; my favorite thing he did was the Soundcheck Song. I did get to meet some activists from Kerville and Plano, a voting-reformer from Bastrop, and a labor union researcher who moved here from D.C. It was a fun atmosphere, and while it was a little crowded at times, I'm sure it's nothing compared to tomorrow night's 2200-person sell-out at Stubb's.

I've posted photos online at http://splashblog.com/demfest2005. I hope to get more people posting pictures to the moblog tomorrow.