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Free Gifts?
Apparently, when you spend $5000 on a new air conditioning system, you not only get a furnace, air exchanger, fan, thermostat, and outdoor condenser unit, you also get a cheap flashlight, tape measure, and multi tool with the HVAC company's name and number stuck on them. They were all in a bag passed on to me when Strand Brothers sent out their inspector to check on the job this afternoon. Sweet!

The inspector was quite useful. He helped me improve the air flow a lot by removing the filter that I'd put inside the hallway inflow duct. The filter on the exchanger should handle filtering out all of that air, and its placement was cutting down my circulation substantially.

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I was similarly thrilled with the tin of Danish butter cookies that arrived from FloorKing after we spent lots of money with them. Yay for perks! And I'm glad you got that AC problem taken care of...

Speaking of perks, I still get calendars, CDs, and occasional bottles of alcoholic beverage from the real estate broken that setup my deal to buy my townhouse. I guess I'm on the "keep in touch" client list in case I ever want to buy something new.


Is it more for a large house then?

The quotes I have gotten for my place have been $1200-1500 to replace the whole system.

I've got a 1500-sq ft. condo, which needs a 2.5 ton unit. I also went for the highest efficiency system I could get, 15.5 SEER. My final price after City of Austin rebate will be about $4650. If I'd gone for a lower-grade 14 SEER system, I could have gotten it for about $3300. This was replacing the inside gas furnace and air exchanger and the outside condenser unit. The new system is working really well, and it's a lot quieter than the old one.

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