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Things I Learned from DemFest
I learned several things over this weekend at DemocracyFest 2005:

  1. I'm more into the results of the political process than I am into politics for its own sake. I like policy more than I like organizing; behinds-the-scenes work more than block walking or phone banking.
  2. However, I think I can personally do a better job of organizing people now, and I'm also a lot better educated to be an effective volunteer on a campaign.
  3. Among progressives that sell merchandise, there seems to be a lack of effective graphic design skills :)
  4. In over 100 congressional districts, there was no Democratic opposition to a Republican incumbent in 2004. Some haven't had an opponent in over ten years.
  5. Ann Richards did lots of funny stuff.
  6. Former state rep Glen Maxey kept getting grabbed on the shoulders by then-Governor Bush and was told that he should ignore the bad things that Bush was saying on the campaign trail about homosexuals as "he wasn't like all of them".
  7. C-SPAN viewers may not understand Texas references to "spittin' distance" and need to have it explained to them.

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Haha! I'm so sorry I couldn't go this year. I look forward to the recap on Sunday. :)

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