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Sci-Fi Score!
After lunch, I dropped off a basket of clothes at the Goodwill on Metric, then I went inside to check out their book section. In addition to a couple of mind-teaser books by the great mathematician Martin Gardner, I also found a copy of "The James Tiptree Award Anthology 1", just published earlier this year. It's a collection of sci-fi short stories examining gender issues, and the reviews have been good. However, even better than getting this for $2 is that it was signed by three of the editors: Pat Murphy, Karen Joy Fowler, and Debbie Notkin. One of Karen's stories also appears in the book. The inscription read "To Dana: ... A Different Light 2/18/05", so I'm guessing this was signed at an event at the famous San Francisco bookstore earlier this year.

Update - 6/25, 9:15PM: I just got an reply from Pat Murphy to an email I sent to the Brazen Hussy's webmaster address. Here's what Pat said:

I'm always amazed at how books travel. I'm glad that one made its way from San Francisco to Austin, where you could find it. (It makes sense to me that it was in Austin. In all of Texas, that's where I'd expect a book from San Francisco to end up!)

I'm so glad that finding it made your day. Hope you enjoy it!

Very, very cool!
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Wow. I love the Brazen Hussies. I got a calendar from them one year. Thanks for the link-- it will be fun to reconnect with their writing.

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