The Life Unwired with Ben Combee (unwiredben) wrote,
The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

I'm a Traveling Man

So, I'm off on a couple of quick trips in the very near future. I've had a trip for work out to Sunnyvale, California planned for a couple of weeks, leaving late Monday the 19th, and returning on Saturday the 24th. That's still on, but I just added a second trip to Atlanta -- I leave out Saturday morning, arrive in Atlanta for most of Saturday and all of Sunday, fly ATL-to-AUS Monday, wait three hours, then catch my AUS-SJC flight! In all, I'll be gone from my home for seven days and will end up flying about 4500 miles.

I've not been back to Atlanta since Christmas, but I look forward to hanging out with my sister, seeing a couple of my friends, and having my parents drive down for a Sunday night dinner. It will be a good opportunity to relax a little before a long week of in-office meetings at PalmSource.

The habit I need to develop the most with my new job is "closing the loop". I'm spending a lot of time answering developer questions, which is good, but I need to remember to finish the jobs by taking my answers, turning them into articles, and getting them published online. I've been doing that some, but it does take some effort to take an answer to a direct question and turn it into something more general that both introduces the problem and provides a solution.
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