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Highlights of my Trip, Part I
It's been a busy few days. Here's a few notes... probably too much about where I ate.

Wednesday, I flew into Chattanooga, sleeping on both the Austin-to-Memphis and Memphis-to-Chattanooga flights. That was mainly due to not sleeping the night leading to the flights, as I was being picked up at 3:45 by SuperShuttle. I got to my parents' house, did my daily conference call with work, and had a nap. That evening, my dad took me out with his motorcycle "gang" on a supper ride to Fort Oglethorpe. I rode behind him on his white Honda Gold Wing (the SUV of motorcycles) on a trip through the Chickamauga battlefield.

Thursday: visit with jessi_leigh, see her new baby Jake, hear her stories about being a new mother, share my stories about living in Austin. Later, I take my parents out to dinner in Chattanooga and we look at replacement televisions because I enjoy their advice and involvement in my life.

Friday: a uneventful drive down to Atlanta, followed by taking my sister and her boyfriend up to Costco, then dinner at Canton Cooks, a nice Chinese restaurant in Sandy Springs. We come back, watch some daily show, then I'm off to the Sleater-Kinney show in Little Five Points.

Saturday: A visit to Atlanta's new IKEA store, which was having its opening weekend. Oddly similar to the other IKEA store I've been in. I like some of their pre-fab art, but I think I'd rather buy art from my friends. I did pick up three kinds of Swedish sparkling juice: apple, peach. and lingonberry to bring to V's party on Monday.

After that and lunch at a cool Mexican cantina called Nuevo Laredo, I head up to Marietta to visit with keymasterogozer for the evening. I go to a friend's house with him and see a bad movie on an amazing home theater. Somehow, perfect picture and sound don't do much to improve the storytelling skills of Rob Zombie.

Sunday: Indian buffet, "Family Guy" indulgence, slacking with sister, a visit to the wonderful Figo Pasta, getting to see several of my sister's friends, and a screening of "Batman Begins" with the group. I still like the movie on my second viewing, but I was really, really happy to finally see the trailer for "Sky High", and to finally see the "Serenity" trailer on the big screen.

Today: party with vernard and zorathenne. Thinking about American history. I'm already a little homesick for Austin, too.

(updated to fix IKEA description late Monday night)

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Yay! Sounds like such a fun trip!!!

P.S. You got three kinds of what at IKEA?
P.P.S. 3:45 AM is far too early to be picked up by SuperShuttle. Remind me never to travel in *your* caravan!!! ;P

Oops... three kinds of Swedish sparkling cider: apple, peach. and lingonberry. I'm not sure what the third one tastes like, but I'll find out at tonight's party.


Ever been to IHOP?

Swedish Pancakes YUMMAY!!!

heheh...that's what I was just thinking. That's the only reason I knew what lingonberries are...mmmm, I get those everytime.

probably too much about where I ate.

How would this be possible? It's always good to know about vacation meals.

Nice to hear stories of "home".

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