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I am Palm
This morning my employer changed its name back to 'Palm', dropping the 'One' from their name after paying 30 million USD to PalmSource, my old employer. The new logo is a big orange dot with a Delorian-like 'palm' in the middle. You can see it at http://www.palm.com.

I'm happy. We're going to do great things.

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Must refresh my geekdom. When you said a Delorian-like 'palm' I skipped the literal quotes and was trying to envision a sleek hand symbol. Obviously, my disappointment was great upon seeing the new logo. Stupid new string []!

Actually, it's more early Apple Computer than the Delorian "DMC". Just be sure that you delete[] all those strings... otherwise, you'll not delete the whole array and memory will be leaked and kittens will cry.

just be sure that you delete[] all those strings...

wow. That was so hot!

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