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"Paradigms" Shifted to DVD

Very few people will remember a TV show called "Paradigms". It ran in Atlanta in the early nineties on independent station WVEU-TV, channel 69. They usually showed an episode after the late Friday night airing of "The Kids in the Hall". Channel 69 had some sort of deal with the CBS station to show all the CBS late-night programming, back before they had Letterman doing his "Late Show". This was the birthground for a few memorable series, including Forever Knight. Anyway, CBS had struck a deal with the CBC to show episodes of "The Kids in the Hall" late on Friday nights, and I'd usually try to catch these and video tape them for safe keeping. I taped a lot of things obsessively while in college; I have a lot of "The Simpsons", "The Critic", and "Duckman" episodes from back then too.

Anyway, "Paradigms" was a locally produced show, sponsored by Atlanta's Savage Pizza. It had an occasional music video, some short experimental pieces, this recurring bit called "Riding With the King" about a guy traveling around the South visiting Elvis shrines, and the same paradigm-defining slates between stuff every week. Earlier tonight, I discovered one of my old video tapes with four episodes of this on it, so while doing laundry I've been transferring the whole things to DVD using my new Pioneer DVR-210-S DVD recorder.

In some ways, the show feels like a proto-"The Show With No Name". There's no host segment, but a lot of the clips are like things we would have shown a few years ago. There may be a few clips from this that we can use on the show, but most of it is too arty or too amateur. I'm sure that it was an inspiration for me that led me to get involved with access TV and TSWNN, and I'm glad I get to save stuff from a tape that's over ten years old.
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