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I've Conquered Book Six
About 3:30AM this morning, I finished "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", putting the book back in its dust jacket and finding space on my shelves for it next to the other five books in the series. It is now safe for me to join in discussions with my other Harry Potter-loving friends who have finished this book.

Now that it's out of the way, I'll return to my other active books: "Emotional Design" by Don Norman and the "Best Sci-fi of 2003" collection I've been reading on my Treo. I think I've abandoned my ebook copy of "I am Charlotte Simmons" about 1/3rd through, although it might be picked up again in the future. I started on Dan Gilmore's "We, the Media", but I think I already understand his ideas from hearing a few podcasts on the topic, so it's been relegated to the back seat of my car to be used as an occasional meal companion. I also really need to start in on the Bruce Campbell book that ocyn and satyric got me for my birthday, as it looks like a blast.

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So, that one dude dies. Yeah.

Not just that one dude, it was like fifty dudes! The scene where the enchanted forest sent out its hordes to eat the first-years was muy awesome, too! Plus, who could have have predicted that Hermoine would use the Sexium Changum spell from "Hothgart's History of Transgendered Wizardry" to become the Half-Blood Prince?

I like Norman a lot, because he's the first person I encountered (other than myself) in usability who actually had both an engineering and psychology background. Combining those was what made me so successful at Nortel (plus a little biology and art), and it frustrates me no end that engineers without a knowledge of human needs get hired to do this work*. Perhaps Norman's crusade will help people wake up.

*I think I actually met him at Nortel once, when a former mgr was trying to get them hired for consulting. I really, really wanted that to happen. It didn't, of course. ::sigh::

I got to say hello to him at the PalmSource DevCon in May where he was a keynote speaker. His talk was quite good, giving a good summary of the ideas he's communicating in the new book.

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