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Always a Dolma Moment
I've got a new favorite finger food. While shopping at Wheatsville on Sunday, I picked up a four-pack of habanero dolmas from Tom's Tabooley on Sunday, and they are delish! A little spicy mixture of brown rice, tomatoes, pinenuts, garlic, onion, and habanero pepper stuffed in a grape leaf. I had the first one this afternoon, then ended up eating the other three later in the evening. I'm going to have to stop by their store on the Drag and pick up more sometime soon.
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you should try their verde sauce. It's great with eggs in the AM (if you eat eggs)also their roasted red peppers in the same section are great to cook with or to put in sandwiches.

Thanks for the suggestions. I'm just going to have to visit their store, try everything out, and write a big article for Veg Out!

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