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Finally, over a week later, I get a chance to write about last Sunday's Austin Film Festival script reading event. The script was "Rambunxious", a tale of an east Texas town cattle ranching and farming town where Mr. Rexroth has a prize bull from the rodeo circuit who is going into retirement. For a bull, that means he gets his "seed" sold to the highest bidder to try to breed future champions. The story involves a new-to-town black veterinarian who falls in with a crippled rodeo rider and his tomboy sister, a failing high school football team, and a scheme to defraud an English insurance company of millions of dollars. Yes, the story is a little high concept, but it had lots of really funny Texas humor and I think it would make a great movie.

Now, the actual reading was a real treat. The author, Jim Dauterive was there; he's one of the producers and writers for the TV show "King of the Hill". He also brought some of his friends into town to help with the reading. The part of the bitter rodeo rider was played by Johnny Hardwick, who does the voice of Dale Gribble on KOTH. He looks a bit like a younger Dale in person, but without the cigarettes or trucker cap and with quite a bit more hair. The part of the rancher was played by Stephen Root, the actor who provides the voice of KOTH's Bill Dauterieve. He also played station owner Jimmy James on the sitcom "Newsradio", and his reading was a Texan version of the Jimmy James character. The narrator and stage directions were read by the deep-voiced cowboy legend Ray Benson who leads up local Western supergroup Asleep at the Wheel.

This is one of those events that helps to keep Austin weird. I'm sure glad I got to go and hear such a talented group read a really funny script.
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