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Live Music Alert: Tori Amos and The Ditty Bops
I just found out about the September 2nd show with Tori Amos, The Ditty Bops, and The Live out at the Backyard. It's an early show on Friday night, and I'm seriously thinking about going. I just posted event details to upcoming.org. Anyone interested?
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I Love The Ditty Bops, but...

...those tickets prices are a bit too steep for me. I prefer smaller venues anyways. Maybe someday they'll play the Cactus Cafe. That would be perfect.

Re: I Love The Ditty Bops, but...

It's certainly too much for just the Ditty Bops, but I also really like Tori Amos... or should I saw I really like about half of the songs she does. The other half leave me feeling ehhhh. I'd love to see them play the Cactus, but with two visits to Austin in six weeks, I doubt they'll be back again too soon.

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