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The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

Ben's Heading to CGExpo!

Well, I've just got all my travel booked. Next Saturday, I get up very early, catch a 6:20AM flight to San Jose, drive up to the San Francisco Hyatt, and get to spend two days in the past at Classic Gaming Expo 2005! It's going to be a tough schedule, with me returning at midnight on Sunday, but if I'd stayed on for a training class at Palm on Thursday, I would have missed three things I'd scheduled to do in Austin that week, and that would suck.

I'd already gotten my CGExpo pass last month, but I hadn't decided if I was going to use it. I was going to try to coordinate with work, but I decided to just go it alone instead. I really enjoyed my previous three visits to CGExpo in 2000, 2001, and 2002 when it was in Las Vegas, but I'd skipped the last two years. When I saw that they were skipping 2006, I decided I had to make this one. While there's no Steve Wozniak keynote this year, there will be panels featuring lots of arcade and console programmers, including a great lineup from Activision and Imagic. I'm also looking forward to the vendor area, which proved very dangerous to my wallet during past events.

In making my plans, I discovered that American is about to change their Austin/San Jose flight schedule. When I was looking for a return flight during the week, flight 502, the one I normally take to return home, was leaving at 4:55PM instead of the 6:32PM it's been for the last few months. That's a pretty major change; for a work trip, that means I have to cut out around 3PM instead of 4:30PM to make my flight home. I guess I shouldn't complain too much, as it will be nice to get home before midnight.
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