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Near Miss on Burnet
I'm still a little shaken about two hours later. I really hate Burnet Road sometimes.

I had an early lunch with lizardprincess today, and on my drive back going north on Burnet Road, I almost got into a nasty crash. I was in the left lane, and ahead of me was a car that was slowing to turn left. I signaled to change over to the right lane. At the same time, a car in the right lane just ahead of me started slowing down and moving into my lane to get behind the turning car. I couldn't go right or stay in my lane or I'd hit this vehicle, so instead I made a very abrupt and sudden left turn into the antique market parking lot, running over the curb my front-right tire on the way in. I came to a quick stop in the empty lot to see if I had any damage, but it looked fine. I wasn't able to see the other two cars as they continued on. So, no long term damage, but it was a close call that could have turned out quite badly if there had been southbound traffic there on Burnet at the time.

Did I mention that I really hate Burnet Road sometimes?

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Ugh! Good reactions! It sounds like you had no place to go...

I had the following thing happen on Burnet Rd, N of 183:

I was travelling in the left lane behind two slow cars. A minivan merged into the lane on the right and started accelerating. He had a slower car in front of him, so I knew he was going to try to cut ahead of me as soon as he'd caught up to it.

The car two ahead of me went into the (center) left turn lane. This is not at an intersection by the way, but so far so good. The car in front of me got behind him in the center left turn lane. At this point, I figured I should go at a normal speed and let the van turn in behind me. Just as I was passing the van (he was on my right) and I was next to the two almost-stopped cars on the left, another car turned into the center turn lane from the oncoming direction, in front of the two almost-stopped stopped cars.

At this point, the car that had been two ahead of me decides it would be a brilliant idea to get in front of the car facing him and abruptly turns into my lane without signalling and certainly without looking, basically right into me. I brake as hard as I can and swerve slightly and barely avoid a collision. I assume the van on my right also swerved a bit to the right to give me room, and it's a good thing the lanes are wide enough. At this point, the right part of the road looked like:

-center lane- -left lane---------- --right lane & shoulder -----
[oncoming car][left turning car][my car][car in front of van & van]
[leftturncar ] [last part of van]

Again, there was no collision, but it was a really close call. I don't know how to describe it well without drawing pictures.

I've had lots of other problems on Burnet Rd since I constantly have to make lefts onto it in traffic and have to use the center lane for that, which is technically not legal.

Wow... I'm glad that ended up OK too. I think I just need to avoid that whole road when possible. It's actually a little easier to drive between noon and 1PM because there's so much traffic that people don't drive stupidly, but in that transition time, beware!

I'm fine... no damage other than to my nerves. Thanks!

Whew! I'm so glad you're alright sweetie! *hugglehuggle*

I'm so glad you're okay. *hug*

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