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Phone Post: External Logical Paradox
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“Hey, this is Ben. I'm headed down South Congress right now, and I just passed by the old Cinema West theater, which was converted into some sort of office space, but I'm not quite sure what's there now, but they always seem to change up the sign in front, and, today, on the sign when your headed south, it says "the other side is the truth", and then on the other side, seen in the rear view mirror as I passed it, was "the other side is a lie".

You gotta love it when business put logical paradoxes out for everyone to see.

Ben out.”

Transcribed by: unwiredben

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I've not used any online prints services... some friends were really happy with Apple's services with iPhoto. When I last looked, the printing service that's hooked up to Picasa (http://picasa.google.com/) was pretty good too. I also know that Costco does digital prints -- there's a positive note about it at http://bermangraphics.com/press/voiceoffear.htm.

For online photos, I really like Flickr. I can mail it photos from my phone, upload a bunch as a batch, and do some nice grouping there. I'd not used any other sites, though.

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