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First Woot!
I just did my first Woot! If you've not heard of it, Woot! is an online store that puts up a single new item every night at midnight. It's available until either it sells out or the day ends, when it's replaced by a different item. The prices are usually very, very good, and they do other fun things like selling really cheap "bags of crap" with overstocked items from their warehouse or doing woot-offs where they go through a whole bunch of items in a short period of time. I've been following the site for a while, and they've had some really good deals on things I really didn't need. Tonight, they put up something interesting to me. It's a wireless gyroscopic mouse and wireless compact keyboard combo that is designed to work well with home theater systems. Since I just installed my new Mac Mini downstairs and don't particularly like long USB cables snaking across the floor, this seemed like a good match, and a bit of research online confirmed the niftiness of the gyro-mouse. So, I activated my account, put in an order, and in a few days, I'll be mousing around in the air like I just don't care.

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Ha! Ha!

That's very cool.

I use the term *woot* all the time...kind of like an expression of happiness - a tiny version of WooHoo maybe. And someone asked me recently just what it was that I was saying because I said it so often but they didn't know what it meant.

LOL...I didn't know how to answer that one. It's kind of a non-word, isn't it?

It's like woo, but with a little crash at the end. Wooooo-t. Joy with an abrupt finish. The fun of running down a hill waving your arms, and then finding out there's a cliff at the bottom when your feet no longer support you. Mostly happy, but a tinge of "oh my god!"


*ponders again*

HA! HA! *trips over shoelaces* HA!!! *snooooort*

Wow. Not many people can get a good snort out of me. That is damn embarrassing.

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