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The Life Unwired with Ben Combee

Walking Around the Neighborhood

I walked to dinner last night. It's nice to have a good little restaurant, Bear Rock Cafe, that's about a ten-minute walk from my townhouse. There are some more places over at Parmer and Mopac that would be nice to visit, but that would add another ten minutes or so each way, I'd be crossing a couple of busy access roads, and much of the walk would be along the trashy shoulder of a busy highway; that's not so attractive.

Walking to dinner is one of those things I really loved doing on my trips to Europe. When I was in Cambridge for a week, every night was a new adventure, taking a stroll down another street and finding something interesting, ranging from a Turkish cafe with really strong coffee, to a gourmet pizza chain, to a Safeway that sold 1-liter bottles of beer-infused lemonade and prawn-flavored crisps (I didn't get either).

Also within an easy walk of my house are a city park, a coffeehouse, a not-very-vegetarian friendly but yuppie-packed dining and entertainment complex, a couple of convenience stores/gas stations, a City of Austin library branch, a sno-cone booth (during the summer), and a massage therapy office that I keep meaning to go visit. There's also a bunch of churches, preschools, the elementary school, some dry cleaners, and a few hair salons and manicure shops.

Yes, I'd like to eventually move to a more dense area, maybe downtown or a cool central neighborhood, but for now, I'm glad that I can do a lot of things using the power of my two feet.
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