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Old Atari, Big TV, Tiny Mac

I got Atari800X up and running on the Mac Mini tonight. There's something really perverse about running old graphics demos from 1985 on a 2005 computer and a television screen that wasn't even possible "back in the day". Now I just need to see how well it tackles Star Raiders and Zenji.

(Yes, the "Atari" is backwards. The logo text is spinning and I took the picture when it was turned around.)

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That's just WRONG! :)

BTW, thanks for the TRU tip. I tried to call you back, but got the same busy signal you said you got. I'm going to check it out (TRU, not the busy signal) today!

The one that really freaks me out is CaSTaway for PalmOS 5. To be honest, I've sold off/given away all my ST stuff, including my BBS software and my copy of Calamus.(As well as the really sweet font pack I won at a Ohio user's gathering) - It would be entirely too strange to do DTP on a handheld. :)

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