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Old Atari, Big TV, Tiny Mac

I got Atari800X up and running on the Mac Mini tonight. There's something really perverse about running old graphics demos from 1985 on a 2005 computer and a television screen that wasn't even possible "back in the day". Now I just need to see how well it tackles Star Raiders and Zenji.

(Yes, the "Atari" is backwards. The logo text is spinning and I took the picture when it was turned around.)

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The one that really freaks me out is CaSTaway for PalmOS 5. To be honest, I've sold off/given away all my ST stuff, including my BBS software and my copy of Calamus.(As well as the really sweet font pack I won at a Ohio user's gathering) - It would be entirely too strange to do DTP on a handheld. :)

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