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FEMA Makes Me Angry
I can't listen or read about the abject failure of FEMA to effectively respond to Hurricane Katrina without getting very angry. I was listening to Al Franken talk about all the aid that was refused in the first days of the disaster when driving to lunch, and I'm glad no one was in the car with me to hear me yell out WTF repeatedly (the expanded form, even!). I certainly hope that this show of incompetence and triumph of ideology over compassion resonates enough with the voters to effect a change next year. We can't get rid of Bush, but he'd be a lot less powerful if he had opposition in congress.

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I assume you've seen the following from comments in Bateman's LJ:

You can't say "WTF" without Dubya...

Yeah, I'm definitely energized to register voters for this fall and next fall.

And I'm glad that Doggett's stepping up to the plate:

Thought you might appreciate this. One of the comedians at the open mic show we saw last night came up with a new acronym for FEMA: Failure to Evacuate Minority Areas.

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