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Thanks to Wonkette for a pointer to these web banners: Some of these would make great intros for the Show With No Name, although we tend to go more for a shock angle. My favorite intro we've done was one I wrote that Cinco delivered in a perfect Andy Rooney voice: "I like the word poontang because it makes me think of orange juice and f**king."

My GaTech buddy Jonathan Mason went to William and Mary before transferring down to Atlanta; that, the fact that its the oldest university in the US, and that they don't sell yuppie homeware (Crate and Barrel) or yuppie food gear (Williams and Sonoma) is about all I know about the place. Apparently, they also do a good job of picking commencement speakers; Jon Stewart gave the address this year, and here's a funny and touching transcript.

One of my favorite things about May is the return of night swimming. Not just a poignant R.E.M. tune, it's also something I really dig. The pool is just about the perfect spot to be at 11:30 PM on a hot summer night, and while I can't say the water is to its mid-August zenith of warmth, it felt fine after a brief adjustment period. I've been working on doing some walking every night; last night I was out for about 40 minutes, and the pool was the obvious place upon my return.

A final note: if you've been following the talk shows, Alanis Morissette's been getting a lot of exposure all week around her new album. Tivo decided to grab her eight hour long Oxygen special from Tuesday. That's a bit too much Alanis, and on scanning through, a lot was fluff.. she's having breakfast with her people, they go shopping, they do album signings for an hour. There was one really cool part that I saved off to DVD -- Miss Morissette is introducing the day with her and telling the viewer that there's a seven-second delay on everything so Mr. Censor can keep offensive material off the air. She then uses just about every method at her disposal to test the censor, including language, display of body parts, and getting heavy with her boyfriend. It's played for laughs, but actually is pretty cool. I expect this to go on the show in the near future.
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